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Lightworkers Unite

Word of mouth about Samantha May's 'other-worldy' musical alchemy and facilitator gifts has spread far and wide. She has joined forces with some of the best holistic and wellbeing facilitators around New Zealand to co-create magical workshops and events, retreats. 

Keen to collaborate with Samantha or have her facilitate at your next event? 


Richard Hackney - Personal Trainer / Holistic Coach

Rich and Sam joined forces every week together for 18 months with their co-creation enRich Breathwork.

Sam now focuses her energy on her sound ceremonies as the demand for these grow. Rich continues each week holding Breathwork events at The Holistic Hub in Orakei which continues to create massive transformations among those who attend.

Shannon Rose - Quantum Activator, Mentor and Multidimensional Channel

Shannon Rose invited Samantha to co-facilitate during her 'Creatress" workshop at NZ Spirit Festival 2020. 
During this workshop held specifically for women, Samantha channelled and performed live shamanic songs with her medicine drum. 
She also helped facilitate her 'Trance Temple' workshop at Resolution Festival 2021 with Cendrine Sauvenier. 

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Cendrine Sauvenier - Ascension &
Mission Mentor. Trance Channel.

Cendrine invited Samantha to co-facilitate during her 'Trance Temple' workshop with Shannon Rose at Resolution New Years Festival 2021. 

During this workshop Samantha provided live music to guide participants throughout the journey. Samantha wrote a song specifically for this event to provide a unique vibration, supporting participants to drop into their own trance abilities. 

Samantha has been providing support at Jiri's Kambo ceremonies with her Sound Alchemy since July 2020. 

Every month, Jiri holds these sacred spaces at Blockhouse Bay Boatclub in Auckland where Samantha guides participants through their Kambo journeys with a live soundscape including Spanish and Portuguese traditional medicine songs.

Jiri Hanus - Kambo Facilitator


Dov Phillips and Samantha co-create every month  with special events at his practice Inspiring Wellness.

The first ever Network Spinal Analysis and Cacao Ceremony with live Soundscape was facilitated by Samantha and Dov in Oct 2020.

Dov Phillips - Network Spinal Analysis Facilitator

Rhiana Rose Kenny-Dowall -
Intuitive Coach, Musician &
Sacred Space Facilitator.

Samantha and Rhiana have previously hosted all women's Breathwork circles together. 

These powerful events created space for Wahine to empower each other, bare all, connect and let go. Together, Rhiana and Samantha held a safe container for women to experience the power of Breath while embracing the sacred divine feminine within. 


Maddie Brosnan -
Embodiment Coach, Rites of Passage Youth Mentor

Samantha was invited to share her Sound Alchemy at Maddie's Women's Circle held on Sunday 28th March at Temple of the Rose in Auckland.

This was a powerful afternoon of connecting with sisters through Cacao, Meditation, Breathwork and Sound. 

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