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Multi-Dimensional Healing & Activation

Experience a 1:1 sound healing & activation embedded with light codes from divine source energy.

 Bath in high vibrational frequencies that awaken dormant codes, shift stagnant energy and provide clarity of deep remembrance at a cellular level

The intricate sounds that I channel through my voice are unique to your souls calling to give you exactly what you need at this very time in your life.

This experience is for you if you are:

  • Feeling lost, disconnected or overwhelmed with the stresses of the modern world.

  • Seeking clarity, balance, more peace and freedom.

  • Feel like something is missing from your life but don't know what it is.

  • Ready to shift into your most optimal timeline.


What you can expect

You will receive a personalised sound healing and activation embedded with light codes from divine source energy.


During the session I connect to my higher self to channel specific sounds and wisdom personalised to your souls calling. Each session could include all or some of the following:

  • ​Channeled Light Language through song & spoken word

  • Intuitive Energy Healing including Reiki and Divine Intelligence 

  • Sound Bath with shamanic healing tools including chakra crystal bowls & chimes (tuned to 432hz), drums, gong, rain pillar and more.

  • Breathwork

  • Guided Meditation

  • Oracle card reading

  • Hapé ceremony

  • 1 Hour Recorded Sound Journey to support integration of codes, energy shifts and to help anchor new templates.

Chat with Samantha

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Client Testimonials


Samantha May is a powerful,
World-Class Channel & Artist. Her Unique Light Language attunements activated a whole new light language dialect & frequency range I was unable to access before. This has catapulted my work and the power of my transmissions to a whole new level of transformational power, and my clients thank me. I highly recommend working with Samantha May. She is the most highly attuned light sound specialist I know in this field ~
Shannon Rose Multi-Sensory Channel & Coach

Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 11.10.49 AM.png

I received a 1:1 session from Sam because I had trouble with not feeling present in my body with uncertainty of why. I knew Sam would be the one to help bring me back.
Sam not only brought me back and grounded me, but Sam's transmission activated my light language for the first time. Through Sam's channelled shamanic sound alchemy, her vocal vibrational frequency transmuted through my third eye and showed me the auric colours she was working on, I've never experienced anything like it before.​
There's no words to justify how amazing Sam's magic is, I am completely in awe of her offerings. It is simply just something you'll have to experience to understand, it is out of this world (literally).
Rhiana Rose Kenny-Dowall-Musician & Space Holder


I had a 1:1 session with Samantha it was 1 of the most amazing experiences I've had she took me on an amazing sound journey. It felt like she sings directly to my soul. I felt like she opened up different codes for me. it was a very activating experience I definitely will be going back again she is such a beautiful soul so gifted I feel honoured to have received this session from Samantha I love and honour her.
Haydn Hughs-Drum Crafter

Sam is a gentle but powerful woman. Her singing, playing, reiki and light language are a very potent mix which soothes the soul and transforms what doesn’t serve anymore. I had a great session with Sam via Zoom which helped me to connect to myself in times which were difficult for me. I just surrendered into the beauty and power of her music and healing and felt an instance bliss. I would definitely recommend Sam as not only nice but also very professional healer.
Katerina Novotna

Samantha May Sound Alchemist is a beautiful lightworker that I have had the absolute pleasure of reconnecting with in 2020. I have attended both her breathwork and sound alchemy journeys and had a potent 1 on 1 experience.
Sam is a listener and a space holder and her empathic nature allowed me to feel at home in her space almost instantly. More over she is an incredibly intuitive musician and has a way with instruments as well as a voice of celestial proportion.
Sam allowed me to feel, to be and to speak and has encouraged me on my own journey of finding my soul purpose. She is a beautiful wahine to work with and has allowed me to align with my own values. I honour her contribution and mahi and would 110% recommend her alchemy. 
Samantha Adams

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