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Sound Alchemy with Samantha May


The hype of Samantha May's events have caused a stir in the community and this month she will be sharing her magic in Auckland AND Waiuku!


Samantha has tuned-in to the energy of March and the focus for this series will be grounding.

Many people have already had to face big challenges and changes so far in 2021. It's more important now than ever that we remember our sacred connection to this Earth and to feel safe within our bodies. Let the vibrations of the March 2021 series gently anchor your being back to your heart. 


Spaces will fill FAST so make sure to secure your ticket if you'd like to be part of the brilliance that unfolds during the powerful portal she creates with sound. 

Potent sound waves from the divine flow through my being to invoke healing, awakening and activation for those who are ready to receive. I invite you to step forth on a journey through sound with me.


Sound frequencies drop us out of the thinking mind and into the magic of the present moment where you are invited to release what no longer serves and activate your own innate self healing powers. Now more than ever we search outside of ourselves for answers which can only be found by going inward. Be guided to look within by experiencing a coming home to yourself and to the purity of your heart.

What to expect:

• A creamy cup of cacao will be offered on arrival. You will have a few moments to get comfy as we open the space.


• We will begin by lying down as you are guided into a deep state of relaxation. 


• For the next hour you will be taken on a journey through sound like no other. Recorded tracks will play in the background while I weave through a variety of instruments that are necessary to support the healing frequencies I’m intuitively guided to moment by moment. These may include shamanic medicine drums and rattles, chimes, crystal singing bowls, my voice and other various sound tools.


• Your only job is to relax, stay present with the sounds around you and be open to receive any healing or guidance that comes up throughout the journey. You will be guided to call any pieces of yourself that are unintegrated back into the light and to align with the highest frequencies.

What to bring:

  • Yoga mat 

  • Pillow

  • Blanket

  • Eye mask (optional)

  • Water

  • Any other items to support your experience. Perhaps essential oils, crystals, a journal or any sacred items you wish to journey with.

  • Wear comfortable clothing.

Please avoid coffee/alcohol on the day and have a light dinner if you need to eat before.

Spaces are limited. 

I look forward to serving you.

**Please note, no refunds are issued if unable to attend. Credit will be issued for a future event

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