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Wed, 15 Sept



Journey Through The 3 Worlds with Samantha May | Zoom

A 3 part series of sound ceremonies across three weeks guided by Samantha May.

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Journey Through The 3 Worlds with Samantha May | Zoom
Journey Through The 3 Worlds with Samantha May | Zoom

Time & Location

15 Sept 2021, 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm



About the Event

Samantha May Presents A Journey Through The 3 Worlds...

Starting Wed 15th Sep I will be opening space for a small group of people to dive deeper... Welcome to The Journey Through The 3 Worlds

Experience 3 powerful sound ceremonies across three consecutive weeks designed to safely guide you through multi-dimensional realms of consciousness. Connect with your own inner healer and explore hidden aspects of yourself to discover insights and receive messages of wisdom and healing.

Shamanic Journeying is an ancient practice and is common to most indigenous societies throughout history. By listening to a drumbeat or other rhythmic percussion, one can enter an altered state of consciousness beyond time and space and is a method of accessing inner wisdom. Depending on the intention chosen before the journey one can be introduced to their power animals, reconnect with the cycles of nature and receive insight, guidance and healing from higher aspects of self. The Shamanic Journey can also illuminate the parts of ourselves that have become hidden and help to reconnect these aspects as we receive keys to living life more aligned to our soul.

Throughout each journey you will be invited to set an intention and connect with your inner senses. You will be guided by the sound of a drum, other shamanic healing instruments and my voice to assist you in dropping into the ‘dream-state’ to help you awaken to your dormant innate wisdom. Towards the end of each journey you will be safely guided back to your body through multiple drumming returns.

There will be an opportunity to share your insights with the rest of the group at the end of each journey. In fact - this can be one of the most important parts of the experience as listening to others share can help fill the gaps for your own experience.

There are no set rules about what you should experience and every person’s experience is beautifully unique. I ask that you let go of any expectations you may have heading into this experience and trust that you will receive exactly what you need.

During each week you will receive:

✓ 3 x 2.5hr live sessions each consecutive Wednesday 6:30-9pm NZT

✓ Zoom replays after each session

✓ Connection with the rest of the participants with the group

✓ A fully recorded sound journey from Samantha May to help with integration

How each session will go:

6:30-7pm: Introduction and explanation of journey. Intention setting and brief Q & A

7-8pm: A guided journey accompanied by live music and channeled song

8 - 9pm: Landing and integration. This will be a time to share your experience. (This is important!). Everyone will be encouraged to share even if it is brief.

Week 1 - Wed 15th Sep: The Lower World

Also called ‘The Underworld’ is the land of the shadows and here lays our subconscious mind. Our animal spirits live here as do our unseen workings. The parts of us that rule the majority of our thoughts and actions that we pretend don’t exist. In the Lower World we learn that within our shadows are the seeds of our greatest gifts.

Week 2 - Wed 22nd Sep: The Upper World

Also seen as the astral realm or super conscious mind. Here in this realm we have access to our higher-selves, ancestors, guides from the angelic and celestial realms, even our own akashic records. Here in this realm we are simply accessing our highest wisdom or our “inner guru”. Here in these realms of light we can call upon our highest potential to reunite with the true unity within us. In this realm, time doesn’t exist. We have access to our own past and future lives and we have access to our intuition and our ability to align with the highest version of life we wish to live.

Week 3 - Wed 29th Sep: The Middle World

Also seen as the the waking, everyday consciousness. In this realm we are connecting to our awareness and our power of reception to the waking world and to our physical bodies. We may also connect with and receive insight from the elements and elemental spirits as well as receiving access to our own bodies wisdom. The middle world is a powerful realm to anchor the learnings from the Lower World and Upper World into this 3D reality. 

I will be opening this powerful 3 week series to 10 participants only so that we have enough time to interact and share with each other. 

Zoom link will be sent out closer to the event date.

​I look forward to serving you.


Samantha May is a sound healer and channel located in Auckland. She has held many events across New Zealand that has attracted hundreds of participants to receive her unique sound alchemy. Samantha's distinct vocal prowess that weaves potent light codes from source has been described as 'the sound of summer rain' and 'other-worldly with pure depth, spectacular vibrato with nuance and grace. She dedicates her energy to the healing and activation of humanity, serving to anchor in 5D energy into our Mother Earth.

**Please note, no refunds are issued if you are unable to attend. You will be sent the replays after the live Zoom event. 


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