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MAR 14 - MAY 30







​✓ Healers

​✓ Channels

​✓ Energy Workers

​✓ Space Holders

Are you ready to...

- Refine your Light Language Gifts?

- Activate the 7 Attunments of your Light Language?

-Remember your innate spiritual gifts?

- Open up to your Multidimensional Self?

- Reclaim your Authentic Self Mastery?

- Step up as a Light Leader & share your souls unique coding with the World?

- Catapult your Lightwork to a new Octave of Service?

Join me over 12 weeks as we Activate your Souls Ancient Expression & Amplify your Lightworker gifts

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Weekly 3 hour live

sessions through Zoom to receive teachings, practices & Attunements by Samantha May.

Calls will be 11am Tuesdays NZ Time.

It is not a requirement to join live. Replays will be available

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Be held by in small group anchored by  Samantha May.

Receive access to a dedicated a Facebook Group designed for sharing musings, asking questions and to create Sacred Sisterhood connection.

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Access to Samantha's previous online offerings including Journey Through The 3 Worlds and Sound Alchemy Collection. Opportunity for sharing gifts, access to over 10hrs of Bonus content and More!


𝐖𝐤 𝟏 - Welcome Call, Initial Sharing & Intention Setting
𝐖𝐤 𝟐 - Becoming a Clear Channel, Inner Child, Philosophy of Language
𝐖𝐤 𝟑 - Womb of Creation, Alchemy & Transmutation, Embodiment Practices
𝐖𝐤 𝟒 - Power Reclamation Breathwork Journey, Discernment & Boundaries

𝐖𝐤 𝟓 - The Magnetic Field, Heart Portal and Hand Mudras

𝐖𝐤 𝟔 - Integration Week, Guest Speaker Tahna Prince

𝐖𝐤 𝟕 - Integration Week, Guest Speaker Melly Rose

𝐖𝐤 𝟖 - Opening The Voice, Vocal Transmissions, Different Dialects
𝐖𝐤 𝟗 - Third Eye Activation, Sacred Geometry, Artwork & Automatic Writing

Wk 10 - Gridwork,  Facilitating Light Language 1:1 & in Group

Wk 11 - The Ancient Scribe Transmission, Open Floor Transmission Temple

Wk 12 - Closing Ceremony / Final Q & A / Final Open Floor Transmission Temple

Meet Samantha May
Sound Healer & Channel

Founder of Sound Alchemy Events & Light Language Mastery

With over 20 years of musical experience including events which have attracted hundreds of participants, I support leaders in remembering their ancient gifts to assist with the frequency shift of this planet.


Due to the success of the previous rounds of Light Language Mastery and being inundated with requests, I am honoured to be opening this sacred container again in 2023.

Across the 12 weeks of Light Language Mastery I will be guiding a small group of individuals to dive deep into the self mastery of their own creative expression to amplify their gifts and service to the world. This container is an intimate space where I share my own wisdom, attunements and practical tools to activate those who are ready to step into their unique coding.

This will be a collaborative space where you will be called upon to share your gifts as we return to the Temple to remember our multidimensional nature. 

Now more than ever we are being called to remember our creative gifts and channeling abilities to assist with the frequency shift of Mother Gaia. I believe everyone has the ability to remember their multi-dimensional gifts.

Join our unique constellation of Priestesses activating and supporting each other.


I look forward to holding this Journey again in 2023 for all that are ready. 

Testimonials from Graduates of
Light Language Mastery

Bel Smith.jpeg

Bel Smith - Healer & Channel, NSW Australia

"Wow what an amazing container! I can’t believe how much I have transformed and my gifts have amplified as a healer in comparison to where I was before Light Language Mastery.

Sam offered so much during the mastery container and held us with grace, wisdom, and honour for each of us on our individual journeys.


Distance was no issue as each member of the group formed a powerful bond with one another - even across the ocean in Australia. Each week we received powerful upgrades with the training and attunement which complimented the previous week.

Although I am sad this container has come to an end I am honoured to be able to share the attunements I received from Sam with my clients and the wider collective. I can now confidently share the ancient wisdom that has unlocked inside of me to help heal and activate others. 

To anyone who feels drawn to Light Language Mastery - Just do it!! 


Light Language Mastery is a powerful container for your ancient souls remembering and your soul will thank you a million gazillion times for expressing an interest or diving straight in!"

Marigold Ferguson - Yoni Massage Practitioner, Midwife, ISTA graduate, Reiki Healer,
Magdalena Priestess Training Graduate - Waitarere NZ

Marigold Ferguson.jpeg
Sarah Wildermoth.jpeg

Sarah Wildermoth - Fielding NZ

I was divinely guided to join Light Language Mastery with Samantha May and it was genuinely one of the best decisions of my life.


I didn't even know what light language was, I felt insecure about being around such spiritually gifted people, but I thought it can't be worse than being insecure around everyone else in my life, all because I wasn't being my authentic self.


Since meeting my soul tribe and sisters of the Light Language Mastery container, I feel so connected to my higher self and have never felt so much peace, love and happiness through the biggest financial and societal hardship I've ever had to face.


During the Attunements I was able to anchor fully into my intuitive gifts after realising the synchronicities and connections the other women experienced during our shares.


Light Language Mastery has helped me discover my souls calling for medicinal healing which I am now so passionate about. I finally feel free.


I'm forever grateful to Sam and the other amazing woman in our group.

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