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It's nearly the end of 2022 and I would love to share this special offer with you all!

I have a massive library of resources that I have created over the last 18 months that will support you on your journey into the New Year.

These Transmissions have inspired dozens of souls from around the World to activate and deepen their intuitive gifts to connect with their own inner healer.

Get LIFETIME access to 11 of my most potent Transmissions


A collection of my most potent transmissions from the last 18 months to support your frequency into the New Year.

2022 Transmission Bundle

11 of my most potent, channeled Transmissions and Series from the last 18 months!


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Facebook Cover Photos July 2022 (51).png
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What you'll get:

Journey Through The 3 Worlds (Worth $333)

Samantha's 2 x SOLD OUT Series to open the Intuition and connect to your multi-dimensional self.
Experience 3 powerful sound ceremonies across three consecutive weeks designed to safely guide you through multi-dimensional realms of consciousness. Connect with your own inner Oracle and explore hidden aspects of yourself to discover insights and receive messages of wisdom and healing.

Priestess Portal (Worth $44)

Samantha's Monthly Membership - 2 x Uniquely Encoded Priestess Transmissions
I have hand-picked TWO recorded transmissions from my monthly membership which I know you'll just LOVE. I share Priestess Embodiment Practices, my monthly musings and topics of discussion as well as Sacred Sound Transmissions. These recordings are a Divine Invitation to Anchor you Priestess Power.

Sound Alchemy Collection (Worth $154)

A collection of my most potent Sacred Sound, Channeled Transmissions of 2022

  • Calming Nervous System - Fully Recorded 1hr Sound Journey

  • Papatuanuku & Mother Moon - Fully Recorded 90min Sound Journey

  • Fire Transmission - 1 hour recorded Zoom replay

  • The Heart Portal Transmission - 1 hour recorded Zoom replay

  • Goddess Iansã Transmission -  1 hour recorded Zoom replay

Light Language Initiation (Worth $33)

With over 350 Downloads, this Masterclass Invites you to remember the Ancient Art of Light Language



  • ​​​Samantha May's unique experience, personal journey and perspective of Light Language and why it is a powerful modality right now​

  • ​Tips on how to activate your own Light Language

  • A uniquely channeled Light Language activation transmission

TOTAL Over $550 Value for $222!!! 

- Open for 8 Days Only.
- Lifetime of the product access. 
- Upon purchase you will be redirected to your Podia Membership Platform where you will have access to 11 Transmissions!

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