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Channel & Sound Healer

Samantha has held dozens of Sound Alchemy events across New Zealand which has attracted hundreds of participants.

Her distinct vocal prowess that weaves potent light codes from source has been described as "the sound of summer rain" and "other worldly" with pure depth, spectacular vibrato with nuance and grace. 

She dedicates her energy to the healing & activation of humanity, serving to anchor-in 5D energy into our Mother Earth.


Reiki Level 1 & 2 Training
RYS 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Rishikesh India
Bachelor of Communications, Massey University Palmerston North

Samantha's Story


Growing up in a small town called Wairoa, Samantha spent most of her childhood engrossed with learning music. She started piano lessons at age 8 then picked up a guitar at age 12 and became a prolific song writer and performer during her teen years.

Samantha was encouraged at a young age to follow music as a career. However her resistance to being in the lime-light lead her to keep her musical talents as a hobby.

After high school she studied at Massey University in Palmerston North graduating with a degree in Communications. She then spent the next 10 years working in the corporate world searching for a sense of purpose and belonging. 
During this time she also spent 2.5 years abroad teaching English in South Korea and traveling South East Asia. It was in Rishikesh, India where she completed a teacher training in Hatha Yoga then went on to discover Vipassana meditation in Thailand. 

After coming back to NZ Samantha still felt like something was missing from her life and that she was ignoring a silent nudge that was getting louder and louder.
The moment that changed her path forever occurred during a weekend retreat where she witnessed music being used as a healing modality to help guide people through trauma, stress, anxiety and unresolved emotions. 
Since discovering the healing powers of music and medicine songs, Samantha has committed her time and energy to serving others which is where she finds the most purpose and fulfilment in life.

She has co-facilitated and held hundreds of different holistic healing sessions at events, retreats and festivals across New Zealand. Samantha is now transitioning her work online and now holds weekly Zoom events as well as more 1:1 sessions.

Her instruments include chakra crystal bowls & chimes (432hz), koshi chimes, medicine drums, frame drum, a gong, rattles, a chakapa, guitar and rain pillar. Samantha's most powerful instrument is her voice which she uses to channel through song, toning and light language.


Testimonials of Samantha's Work

Selina Norton.jpeg

Selina Norton


Shannon Rose
Channel & Coach

Samantha Adams.jpeg

Samantha Adams

"I first met Samantha May at one of her Sound Alchemy meditations. I took my daughter and some friends along with me. We all walked away feeling in harmony, empowered…ready to walk a brand new path.

During this lockdown, I connected with Samantha again and I have just recently finished doing a 3 week spiritual journey with her.

Samantha is a truly gifted musician…her incredible voice and the beautiful sounds from her instruments lift your frequency so high that you deeply connect into your “heart soul” and release all thoughts from your “mind soul”.  I now see and feel everything through different eye. I highly recommend Samantha May to anyone who wants to change their path to allow more harmony, happiness, internal healing, spiritual growth, guidance and much, much more… She will change your life."

"Samantha May is a powerful,
World-Class Channel & Artist. Her Unique Light Language attunements activated a whole new light language dialect & frequency range I was unable to access before. This has catapulted my work and the power of my transmissions to a whole new level of transformational power, and my clients thank me. I highly recommend working with Samantha May. She is the most highly attuned light sound specialist I know in this field."

"Samantha May is a beautiful healer that I have had the absolute pleasure of reconnecting with in 2020. I have attended both her Breathwork and Sound Alchemy journeys and had a potent 1 :1 experience.
Sam is a listener and a space holder and her empathic nature allowed me to feel at home in her space almost instantly. More over she is an incredibly intuitive musician and has a way with instruments as well as a voice of celestial proportion.
Sam allowed me to feel, to be and to speak and has encouraged me on my own journey of finding my soul purpose. She is a beautiful wahine to work with and has allowed me to align with my own values. I honour her contribution and mahi and would 110% recommend her."

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