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I first met Samantha May at one of her Sound Alchemy meditations. I took my daughter and some friends along with me. We all walked away feeling in harmony, empowered…ready to walk a brand new path.


During this lockdown, I connected with Samantha again and I have just recently finished doing a 3 week spiritual journey with her. We journeyed through 3 different worlds…the under, middle & upper worlds. I had no idea what to expect…I hadn’t done anything like that before. It was such a powerful, incredible soul connecting journey…actually mind blowing. For me the experience was huge spiritual growth and life changing. There were 11 of us on this journey and during our meditations I experienced the energies of our souls all connect and become one. I always heard the saying “We are all one” but I never really understood the true meaning…until now. 

Many incredible experiences happened to me while venturing through the 3 different worlds.


Samantha is a truly gifted musician…her incredible voice and the beautiful sounds from her instruments lift your frequency so high that you deeply connect into your “heart soul” and release all thoughts from your “mind soul”. Living through your “heart soul”…You see and feel things differently…It’s calm, harmony, in the present, no judgments, no fear or negativity…just pure divine love. 


I now see and feel everything through different eyes…


I highly recommend Samantha May to anyone who wants to change their path to allow more harmony, happiness, internal healing, spiritual growth, guidance and much, much more… 


She will change your life. 


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