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Multi-Dimensional Sound Healer & Channel

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Vibrational frequency is the medicine of the future

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Kia Ora beautiful soul,

Samantha May is a Sacred Sound Ceremonialist and founder of Light Language Mastery.


With over 20 years of musical experience and ceremonial facilitation, she supports leaders in remembering their ancient gifts to help support the frequency shift of this planet.


Samantha is a renowned facilitator in New Zealand and Globally. Her spaces weave the magic of sacred sound with light language transmissions to provide a truely unique experience.


She invites the Priestesses she works with, to return to the temple and step into the ancient embodied memory of their multidimensional nature.


Work with Samantha in her signature program, Light Language Mastery. Experience her Sound Ceremonies or connect with her online.


Preview Samantha's magic on YouTube

Soften into frequencies which will completely calm your nervous system.

Deepen your connection to our Mother Earth and to the cycles of the Moon.

Check out more of Samantha May's music on Soundcloud & Youtube...

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"Samantha's sound is 'other-worldly'. It is simply something you have to experience to understand."

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