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Upcoming Events

  • Sound Alchemy with Samantha May  | June 2021 Series |  Holistic Hub Auckland
    29 Jun, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
    The Holistic Hub, 152 Kepa Road, Orakei, Auckland
    90 minute Soundscape with Ceremonial Cacao
  • Sound Alchemy with Samantha May - July 2021 Series, Waiuku
    04 Jul, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
    Yoga Lane Waiuku, 40 Queen Street, Waiuku 2123
    Soundscape with Ceremonial Cacao
  • Sound Alchemy with Samantha May  | July 2021 Series |  Namaste Yoga NZ, Western Heights, Hamilton
    12 Jul, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm NZST
    Namaste Yoga NZ | Western Heights, HAM, 51 Newcastle Road, Western Heights, Hamilton 3204
    90 minute Soundscape with Ceremonial Cacao
  • Sound Alchemy with Samantha May  | July 2021 Series |  The Yoga Loft, Raglan
    18 Jul, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
    The Yoga Loft, Raglan, Upstairs, Above the Joinery, 58 Wallis Street, Raglan, 3297
    90 minute Soundscape with Ceremonial Cacao

Missed the Live Events?

Fully Recorded Transmissions Available




A 1 hour recorded transmission of the February 2021 Series of Sound Alchemy. 

This is an extremely powerful guided soundscape which includes carefully selected backing tracks overlaid with shamanic instruments for a truely unique experience.


During this specific transmission I use 432hz crystal singing bowls and chakra chimes, a shamanic medicine drum and rattle as well as my voice.

The intention for this soundscape is to calm the nervous system while making the necessary shifts in frequency to align to the highest version of yourself.

The energy exchange for lifetime access of this 1 hour transmission is  $33. 


Healing & Activation


Kia Ora, I'm Samantha

I'm here to help raise the vibrational frequency of the collective using the power of sound.


I work with my voice, embedded with light codes from divine source to awaken individuals into a deep remembrance of their true essence and highest potential at a cellular level. 


A truly unique experience for those who are ready to SHIFT and UPGRADE into their most optimal timeline and AWAKEN into the New Earth.


I look forward to serving YOU.


Check out more of Samantha May's music on Soundcloud...

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About Samantha

With over 20 years of musical experience Samantha has held space with her unique Sound Alchemy for hundreds of individuals to heal and activate their own creativity and healing abilities within. 

Her distinct vocal prowess that weaves potent light codes from source has been described as "the sound of summer rain" with pure depth, spectacular vibrato with nuance and grace. 

She dedicates her energy to the healing & activation of humanity, serving to anchor-in 5D energy into our Mother Earth.

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